Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Bohmsach Best in Sands Super Lates!
By Amy Kolo

May 20, 2005; Plover, WI - Finally a race day with no rain!  Warm weather brought tons of fans out to watch the hottest racing action in central Wisconsin.  WDEZ radio DJ’s and one of their listeners raced against each other in the Golden Sands Saturn cars.   The fan, Todd Wetzel, took the win. 

Photo Highlights
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Keith Bohmsach (#24x) scored his first career Super Late Model victory at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Jeff Weinfurter (#3) made a last lap charge in an attempt to grab the lead of the Super Late Model main even.  His efforts came up just short as Bohmsach (#24x) reached the finish line first.
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Blake Horstman (#75) slips past Pat Williams (#27) during the opening laps of the Super Late Model feature.  Horstman and Williams traded the lead often during the opening laps of the contest.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Jason Kirsling (#99) notched his third straight Super Late Model semi-feature victory.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Chad Devine (#54) walked away after a hard impact with the wall during a Super Late Model heat race.
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Troy Nelson (#66) turned in the fastest qualifying laps during the Super Late Model main event.

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Roger Stanczyk (#23) scored his first career Super Stock feature victory.
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Roger Stanczyk (#23) and Tyler Sauter (#02) do battle for the top spot during the Super Stock feature race.
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Mike Brooks takes his sharp looking machine around the oval during opening ceremonies after setting fast time in the Super Stock division.

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Kevin Teske (#27) scored his first 4 Cylinder feature win of the 2005 season a Golden Sands.
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Kevin Reske (#27) works the high line past Josh Opper (#04) for the lead of the 4 cylinder feature.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
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The 2-Man Cruisers thrilled the fans.  This evenings winners were. #86 Kuhn and Michaels took the win in the first race.  #10 Clark and Disher (not shown) took the win in the second race.  #8 Kuhn and VanStedum took the win in the third race.

Congratulations to Afton Wierzba the Short Trax Jr. Fan of the Week.  Junior fan members sign up every week at the Information Booth for your chance to be a Member of the Week! 

#25 Mike Brooks took the fast time in the Super Stock division with a 13.518.  Times in the Super Late Models were getting pretty close to breaking into the 11’s.  #66 Troy Nelson took the fastest with at 12.090!  In the 4-Cyilinder division #87 Mike Oehmichen ended up with a 15.573 for the quickest time. 

#23 Roger Stancyzk took the early lead in the Super Stock division, with #70 Tim Zuehlke and #87 Brad Scholze right behind him.   Some of the faster cars started moving up trying to take the top positions.  Zuehlke ended up in the pits with car problems as #75 Chris Brooks and new driver #02 Tyler Sauter maneuvered their way up the pack.  Fast timer Mike Brooks was stuck in the back.  Chris Brooks spun in turns three and four bringing out the yellow.  This allowed #78 Scott Hamel and #51 Wes Coon to advance in positions.  Stanczyk and Sauter kept exchanging the first and second spots for some great edge of your seat racing!  Scholze ended up bringing out another yellow losing his spot to Hamel. 

#80 Tim Plowman looking for his fourth feature win in a row, took this opportunity to move around some of the slower cars.   With just ten short laps to go, Sauter got loose bringing out the caution along with the #34 of Dan Braun.  Hamel moved into the second position with Coon in third.  Then along came Plowman…  He took his fast racer and just started hammering, looking to break the record with the most feature wins in a row.  But being stuck in the back for so long, he had a lot of work a head of him in just so few laps to go.  In the end Stanczyk held on to his top position with a whole lot of Plowman’s car in his mirror.   Hamel finished third, with  #01 Cale Laessig moving in to the fourth position. 

At the beginning of the feature every car in the Super Late Models here nose to nose a scorer’s worst nightmare.  #75 Blake Horstman and #27 Pat Williams each taking the lead on every other lap!  A caution came out on lap 12, with #81 Greg Ruffalo.  Horstman and Williams kept exchanging the top positions as the faster cars started weaving their way to the front.  #24 Keith Bohmsach made his way up to the third position by lap 13, with #3 Jeff Weinfurter right behind him.  #71 Mark Eswein, usually a top contender, got stuck in the middle of the pack, along with #75 Chris Weinkauf.  

Bohmsach swung around Horstman for the top spot.  Horstman lost some power as Weinfurter, and #76 Jason Weinkauf pushed him back to the fourth spot.  As the race came down to one lap to go it could have been Weinfurter or Bohmsach’s.  Both were neck and neck.  Bohmsach held out with Weinfurter in second and Jason Weinkauf in third.  Eswein did make his way up along with #18 Frank Nitzke for the fourth and fifth positions. 

A full field of fourteen cars took the feature in the 4-Cylinder division.  #04 Josh Opper started out in the lead, but then was overpowered by #27 Kevin Teske.  #2 Jeff Cormack and #3 Dale Robinson moved to the front, trying to take the top positions.   With just one lap car to deal with the drivers held on to their positions pretty well.  Teske took the win with Opper in second, Robinson in third. 

Thirty Cruisers showed up and put on another excellent show!  #86 Kuhn and Michaels took the win in the first race.  #10 Clark and Disher took the win in the second race.  #8 Kuhn and VanStedum took the win in the third race. 

Next Friday is our regular show featuring Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and 4-Cylinders.  Gates open at 4:30 pm, time trials at 6:30pm and racing at 7:45 pm.  Monday is the WSC Memorial 100 featuring Sport Trucks, Cruisers and Bus Races!  Gates open at 10:30 am, time trials at 12:30 pm and racing beginning at 2:00 pm.

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