Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Smokin Joe, Smokes Em' In Supers Lates at Sands!
By Jeffrey Sachse

July 14, 2006; Plover, WI - Joe Krzykowski 's nickname is Smokin' Joe.  On Charter Communications Night at Golden Sands Speedway, Joe simply smoked the competition taking a dominating win after a thrilling side by side duel with Mark Mackey for the top spot for the first ten laps of the contest.  By the time the checkered flag fell Krzykowski had pull away to a full straightaway to score his first win of the 2006 season.  In the Super Stocks it was Roger Stanczyk leading a freight train of cars to the wire to nab the Super Stock main event. It was his second victory of the year.  In the 4 cylinder class Casey Koback used the high line to sail to the lead and capture the win.

Photo Highlights
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Joe Krzykowski (#77) dominated the Super Late Model feature this evening to record his first win of the 2006 season at Golden Sands Speedway.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Mark Mackesy (#12) was kept busy while he held the lad as Joe Krzykowski (#77) and Jim Duchow (#36) challenged for the top spot.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Joe Krzykowski (#77) ran side by side with Mark Mackesy for the lead position for several laps before gaining the upper hand in the Super Late Model feature.
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Derek Gress (#92.7) topped a highly competitive Super Late Model semi-feature this evening.

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Kenny Richards (#9) has had a grip on the season point lead, and fast qualifying, for the past several weeks.
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Roger Stanczyk earned his second Super Stock feature win of the 2006 season.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Roger Stanczyk (#23) stayed just out of striking distance of Josh Oleson (#20) and Wes Coon (#51) to win the Super Stock feature race.
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The opening laps of the Super Stock main event say Roger Stanczyk (#23) and Josh Oleson (#20) battle for the top spot.
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Current division point leader Brian Back (#71) set fast time in the Super Stock division.
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Casey Koback (#64) took a trip to victory lane after winning the 4 cylinder feature contest.  Earlier in the evening he also topped the fast heat.
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In the final laps of the 4 cylinder feature, Casey Koback (#64) uses the high line to pass Kevin Teske (#27) for the lead.

The Super Late Model headliner would feature some torrid battles for second position which resulted in some great side by side battle around the high banked third-mile oval.  At the drop of the green flag it was Joe Krzykowski and Mark Mackesy squaring off. Krzykowski, the polesitter for the contest hugged the low line around the raceway, while Mackesy opted to remain in the high groove. 

The pair would run wheel to wheel in an excellent display of sportsmanship as the pair battled around the raceway for the lead, never touching, but neither getting the lead by more than a few feet. The momentum of the outside groove would allow Mackesy to lead at the stripe on each lap, but Krzykowski would nose ahead in the corners.  After a dozen laps, Krzykowski finally nosed ahead, and on lap 14 he would secure the lead position.

Mackesy continued to run the high line around the raceway and faced a new challenge for the second spot as Jim Duchow worked to his inside.  The halfway point of the contest saw Krzykowski begin to stretch his lead as the side by side battle for second between Mackesy and Duchow allowed Krzykowski to pull away.  Meanwhile Blake Horstman and Pat Williams were engaged in a similar side by side battle for the fourth spot as the race entered it's second half.

With each passing lap Krzykowski pulled away from those doing battle behind them and with ten laps to go he held a full straightaway lead.  In the battle for second Duchow had temporarily gained the advantage on Mackesy, but Mackey would rally, and finally secured the spot with six laps to go in the contest.   Without a single caution to slow his pace, Krzykowski was able to cruise to victory by nearly a straightaway.  In the final laps Mackesy was able to move away from traffic and finish second.  With two laps to go in the event Horstman and Duchow would square off the third spot, with Horstman nosing ahead in the outside line on the final lap to take third.  Duchow would settle for fourth and Jason Weinkauf made his way to fifth by the checkered.

The Super Stock feature contest would run to conclusion just as the Super Late Models had.  Without a single slowdown.  Rodger Stanczyk and Josh Oleson would square off for the lead during the opening rounds of the contest with Stanczyk gaining the upper hand by lap two.  Oleson would quickly drop down in line behind Stanczyk to give chase.  Scott Hamel would filter into the third position as the lead trio swiftly navigated around the oval.  Coon would make it a four car line dance by the halfway point as everyone seemed content to hold their positions.

With ten laps to go Oleson made several attempts to gain some momentum on the outside but each time Stanczyk was up to the challenge and Olseon soon had to fall back in line to fend off Hamel.  Hamel meanwhile came under pressure from Coon who opted for the outside making the higher line work and advancing to third with eight laps to go in the contest.  That would be the last pass among the leaders however and Stanczyk's pace was enough to keep his fellow competitors behind him to the checkered.  Oleson would settle for second, with Coon finishing third.  Hamel and Brian Weinfurter would comprise the top five finishers.

The final feature contest of the evening was held in the 4 cylinder feature.  Kevin Teske and Randy Polansky would make up the first two spots during the early portions of that main event, with Casey Koback rim riding the outside line to move up to third spot in the early laps.   A couple quick cautions would slow the pace before all out action resumed for the final ten laps of the event.

On lap six Koback used the outside line to his advantage sweeping past Teske for the top spot.  Koback would remain out front for the balance of the contest to take the win.  Teske would give chase to the checkered but instead of challenging for the win he would instead have to fend off a late race charge by J.J Flick.  Teske would be successful in doing so taking second.  Flick would finish third after rebounding from an opening lap accident.  Current division point leader Dallas Kralovetz would finish fourth with Mike Oehmichen completing the top five.

Next week, July 14th, Charter Communications will present an action packed evening which will include the Faster Pastor races.  Ministry leaders from area congregations will take to the high banked oval in a special event.  The night will also feature racing in the Super Late Model, Super Stock and 4 cylinder divisions.  The night will conclude with your chance to take to the high-banked third mile oval, as Spectator Drags will take place.

Golden Sands Speedway  is located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, Wisconsin on Highway 54.  For additional information please call (715) 423-4660 or consult the track website at

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Super Late Models
40 Lap Feature:
1.) Joe Krzykowski; 2.) Mark Mackesy; 3.) Blake Horstman; 4.) Jim Duchow; 5.) Jason Weinkauf; 6.) Pat Williams; 7.) Burton Brown; 8.) Dean Lapointe; 9.) Mark Eswein; 10.) Brandon Selle
25 Lap Semi-Feature: 
1.) Derek Gress; 2.) Monte Gress; 3.) Allen Check; 4.) Chris Weinkauf; 5.) Frank Nitzke; 6.) Steve Gress

First 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Scott Beyer; 2. Joel Schulz; 3.) Steve Gress
Second 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Eric Klawitter; 2.) Check; 3.) Nitzke
Third 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Keith Bohmsach; 2.) Mackesy; 3.) Duchow
Fourth 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Horstman; 2.) Todd Stapleman; 3.) J. Weinkauf

Fast Qualifier: Richards, 12.076 Seconds

Super Stocks
25 Lap Feature:
1.) Rodger Stanczyk; 2.) Josh Oleson; 3.) Wes Coon; 4.) Scott Hamel; 5.) Brian Weinfurter; 6.) Mike Brooks; 7.) Dave Neitzke; 8.) Brian Back; 9.) Adam Krzykowski; 10.) Matt Raykowski
15 Lap Semi-Feature: 1.) Randy Storlie; 2.) David Pagels; 3.) Thomas Dowe; 4.) John Totzke Jr.; 5.) Dennis Crass
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Dowe; 2.) Donald Zuehlke; 3.) Totzke
Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Storlie; 2.) Stanczyk; 3.) Hamel
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Steve Syverson; 2.) Raykowski; 3.) Krzykowski
Fast Qualifier: Back, 13.266 Seconds

4 Cylinders
15 Lap Feature:
1.) Casey Koback; 2.) Kevin Teske; 3.) J.J. Flick; 4.) Dallas Kralovetz; 5.) Mike Oehmichen; 6.) Randy Polansky; 8.) Brandon Polansky
First 10 Lap Heat:
1.) Teske; 2.) Flick; 3.) B. Polansky

Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Koback; 2.) Kevin Eckes; 3.) Kralovetz
Fast Qualifier: Zakrezwski, 15.273 Seconds