Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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Haseleu Holds off Richards and Eswein to Win Sands 100 WCS Contest!
By Jeffrey Sachse

July 28, 2006; Plover, WI -  There has been one constant at Golden Sands Speedway with the Wisconsin Challenge Series presented by Simply WOW comes to town.  Hot weather, and even hotter racing.

On a warm and humid evening, Nathan Haseleu of Marshall would turn back the challenges of some of the Midwest's finest competitors in Super Late Model action on the high-banked third mile oval.  As the laps wound down for a 15 lap sprint to the finish after a late checkered Haseleu would have to turn back the challenges of current series point leader Kenny Richards of Montello, multi-time track champion Mark Eswein of Wisconsin Rapids and former Dells Motor Speedway champion Ken Reiser of Waukon, IA.

Over the final laps it would be a duel for victory between Haseleu and Richards with Eswein waiting for a mistake.  The mistake never happened and Haseleu would reach the checkered by less than a fender length to collect his seventh career WCS victory and thrust himself back into the title chase.

Photo Highlights

Golden Sands Speedway regular Brandon Selle and multi-time Marshfield Speedway champion Rory Melbinger would bring the high speed ballet up to speed as the 100 lap feature began.  Selle, working the low groove would nose ahead with Melbinger hanging to his high side.  The pair were dueling for the top spot when the first caution of the contest appeared on lap three for a quick spin.  Racing resumed quickly and Selle went back to setting the pace with Melbinger and Frank Nitzke and Haseleu in tow.

Selle would move away slightly from the pack as Melbinger and Nitzke began to contest the runner-up spot.  Melbinger would drift high on lap six allowing Nitzke to rumble past.  Stuck in the outer groove Melbinger would give up several positions before working back to the inside line giving third to Haseleu.  Steve Holzhausen also surpassed Melbinger before lap ten.

Out front Selle kept Nitzke in in tire tracks with Haseleu closing ground on the lead duo.  Lapped traffic would come into play by the time lap 25 was reached and Nitzke quickly reeled in Selle.

The lead trio of Selle, Nitzke and Haseleu sliced their way through lapped traffic while contesting the lead spots. Nitzke would find room under Selle on lap 28 to made a decisive maneuver for the lead.  Selle's pace began to slow a bit by lap 30 allowing Haseleu to close the gap quickly.  Once out front Nitzke quickly passed lapped cars in the high groove to extend his lead. 

Selle meanwhile was unable to hold back Haseleu who would take over the second spot on lap 37 as he motored past on the outside. Holzhausen would follow Haseleu into the third spot as Selle settled back into the fourth position.

Haseleu's run to the front was halted by Nitzke who would stay in the high line to stay in the lead position giving Haseleu the lower groove.  At lap 50 the complexion of the event would change as the caution appeared after Dennis Prunty went spinning after contact with Jeff Kendall, with both driver's restarting the contest from the tail of the field.

Under the caution Selle would experience mechanical problems and come to a halt ending his fine run. This would leave Nitzke, Haseleu, Holzhausen, with Richards and Eswein making up the top five.

When the green flag returned Haseleu was quick to pounce, again darting under Nitzke who opted to stay in the higher groove.  The pair would run wheel to wheel around the high banked oval lap after laps as Haseleu slowly gained the upper hand.  Haseleu would officially be shown as leading as of lap 52.

Nitzke's efforts would be hampered however as his can began to experience mechanical problems prior to the next caution for a spin by Frank Kreyer on lap 55.  When the green flag flew this time Haseleu was able to motor away from Nitzke who was unable to keep up his former pace, it was later found his car was running on seven cylinders. Holzhausen, Richards and Eswein were next to threaten Nitzke for the runner-up spot.

Further back Ken Reiser also began to use the outside line and it worked for him as he was able to slingshot past several cars on lap 60 to reach the third spot with a bold move past Richards, Eswein and Holzhausen.  Richards was able to rally and found a way to repass Reiser on lap 72 for the third spot.  On the next lap Richards would catch Nitzke and work into second as Nitzke's pace began to slow further.  A wiggle by Nitzke on the next lap allowed Reiser to work by into third.

The laps would pass quickly and the event appeared to be heading for a green flag finish.  The lead group of cars  consisting of Haseleu, Richards, Reiser and Eswein began to group up as the top four all closed in on one another. Each driver sought to move forward awaiting a mistake.

The lead group would again face lapped traffic expertly working though the back markers.  The torrid battle would get a brief respite with 15 laps to go in the contest.  A spin by Adam Royle with 15 laps to go would setup a sprint to the finish.

On the restart Haseleu went back to the bottom line with Richards in two.  Reiser and Eswein were also in position to advance as the green flag returned.  Reiser was first to make his move darting to the high line.  It appeared Reiser would have the momentum to work past Richards, but Richards also chose the higher groove as he sought a way past Haseleu.  This gave Eswein an opportunity to make a move on Reiser and he was able to successfully grab third with 12 laps to go in the contest. 

For the final 12 laps Haseleu and Richards would dart back and forth, with Haseleu trying to hold the lead and Richards seeking a way past in the outer groove.  Eswein meanwhile awaited a miscue and an opportunity to steal the win.  The mistake would never happen, and though Richards did manage to move alongside Haseleu on several occasional, Haseleu had just enough speed to reach the finish line first.  Richards would settle for second and Eswein would finish third.  Reiser's efforts would net a fourth place run with Nitzke clinging onto a top five finishing position.

Holzhausen would settle forth sixth, John Zimmerman seventh as Dave Feiler, Dean Cornelius and Jeff Kendall would complete the top ten runners.

The evening would conclude with a wild B-feature contest.  Fluid which dropped onto the raceway near the closing stages of the contest would result in the event being called short of it's scheduled distance. 

Blake Horstman was awarded the win over Jack Humphrey and Andy Monday.  Terry Patnode and Chris Weinkauf completed the top five finishers.

Earlier in the program, twin 30 lap qualifying races were held.  Dennis Prunty would fend off Kyle Kinder for the win in the first contest with Todd Stapleman making a last lap pass for the final transfer spot.  Elliott Weiler and Benjamin Brinkman would just miss the show comprising the top five.

Jeremy Lepak would be a run away winner in the second contest leaving the field well behind.  Keith Bohmsach and Burton Brown would finish second and third taking the final transfer spots. Tim Hintz and Terry Patnode would just miss the show.

Four events remain on the 2006 Wisconsin Challenge Series schedule with the next event being the Blue Race at Wisconsin International Raceway on Saturday Night August 19th.   The format for the program will have twin 50 lap feature contest and will mark the first time a Twin 50 lap program has been run in the history of the Wisconsin Challenge Series presented by Simply WOW.  The race will also mark the first time the WCS Series has sanctioned an event which is part of the prestigious Red, White and Blue State Championships, the traditional three race series held at Wisconsin International Raceway.

The outcome of the Blue race will determine the champion in the Red, White and Blue State Championship and the combination of WCS and the Red, White and Blue should assure a strong field of cars for the program.

Qualifying races and the popular B-Feature will also be a part of the show.

In addition to the WCS Super Late Models, the Mid-American Stock Car Series will also be on hand for the contest.  The day will conclude with a wild Figure Eight contest.  Qualifying will begin at 5:00 p.m. with the green flag falling on the first race of the evening at 7:00 p.m.

More information and a complete season schedule for the Wisconsin Challenge Series can be found at

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SANDS 100 - Golden Sands Speedway - July 28, 2006

100 Lap Feature:  --  1.) Nathan Haseleu, Marshall; 2.) Kenny Richards, Montello; 3.) Mark Eswein, Wisconsin Rapids; 4.) Ken Reiser, Waukon, IA; 5.) Frank Nitzke, Berlin; 6.) Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 7.) John Zimmerman, Markesan; 8.) Dave Feiler, Sun Prairie; 9.) Dean Cornelius, Chaska, MN; 10.) Jeff Kendall, Montello; 11.) Todd Stapleman, Wautoma; 12.) Neil Knoblock, Wausau; 13.) Burton Brown, Dale; 14.) Adam Royle, Farmington, MN; 15.) Rory Melbinger, Marshfield; 16.) Jason Weinkauf, Merrill; 17.) Keith Bohmsach, Wisconsin Rapids; 18.) Dennis Prunty, Lomira; 19.) Don Turner, LaCrosse; 20.) Frank Kreyer, Pardeeville; 21.) Jeremy Lepak, Wausau; 22.) Brandon Selle, Dale; 23.) Kyle Kinder, McFarland; 24.) Eugene Gregorich Jr., Kewaunee

First 30 Lap Qualifier  --  1.) Prunty; 2.) Kinder; 3.) Stapleman; 4.) Elliott Weiler, Marshfield; 5.) Benjamin Brinkman, Oshkosh; 6.) Blake Horstman, Rockland; 7.) Ben Pettis, Eau Claire; 8.) Andy Monday, Appleton; 9.) Gregg Ruffalo, Wautoma; 10.) Joe Krzykowski, Junction City

Second 30 Lap Qualifier  --  1.) Lepak; 2.) Bohmsach; 3.) Brown; 4.) Tim Hintz, Nekoosa; 5.) Terry Patnode, Oak Creek; 6.) Jake Humphrey, Lake Geneva; 7.) Tommy Pecaro, Edgerton; 8.) Chris Weinkauf, Merrill; 9.) Jeff Way, Burlington; 10.) Eric Klawitter, Montello

30 Lap B-Feature:  1.) Horstman; 2.) Humphrey; 3.) Monday; 4.) Patnode; 5.) C. Weinkauf; 6.) Jim Carlson, LaCrosse; 7.) Klawitter; 8.) Mark Mackesy, Wausau; 9.) Ruffalo; 10.) Brad Dahmer, Sheboygan Falls