Golden Sands Speedway Race Report

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"The Gun" Todd Stapleman win Super Late Shoot-Out at Sands!
Brooks Collects another Super Stock checkered
By Jeffrey Sachse

June 16, 2006; Plover, WI - Todd Stapleman lived up to his nickname "The Gun", as the Super Late Model feature contest turned into a shoot-out for thee victory during the final laps of the contest at Golden Sands Speedway.  On a very warm evening, with a show presented by Mark Motors, Stapleman had his hands full in the closing laps with a hard charging Travis Sauter.  Sauter, who had started deep in the field moved within striking distance with three laps to go, but Stapleman was able to repel the challenges and collect his first feature win on the high banked third mile oval since August of 2002.

In the Super Stock division, Mike Brooks turned in another smooth performance to earn his third feature victory of the 2006 season.  During the final laps Brooks had to fend off defending LaCrosse Fairgrounds Grand National Sportsman champion Dan Gilster to obtain the victory.  In the Pure Stock division, is was another showdown between a local competitor and a tough visitor.  In this case Troy Engman used his knowledge of the raceway to fend off Mike Litchfield for the win.

Photo Highlights
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Todd Stapleman (#77) earned his first Super Late Model feature win at Golden Sands since August of 2002.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
The final lap "shoot-out" was won by Todd "The Gun" Stapleman (#77) as he managed to fend off a last lap challenge by Travis Sauter (#01) for the victory in the Super Late Model feature.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Burton Brown (#07) topped the Super Late Model semi-feature.
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Chris Weinkauf (#75) and Todd Stapleman (#77) ran wheel to wheel during the opening laps of the Super Late Model feature contest.
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Jeff Kendall (#00) ruend in the fastest qualifying effort this evening at Golden Sands Speedway.42101a.jpg (19971 bytes)
Mike Brooks (#25) scored his third feature win of the 2006 season in the Super Stock division.
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Galen Manternach (#5) and Mike Brooks (#25) duel for the top spot during the opening laps of the Super Stock feature.

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Troy Engman (#99) topped the Pure Stock main event this evening at Golden Sands Speedway.
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Mike Gwidt (#25) topped the qualifying in the Pure Stock division.

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The 2-Man Cruisers held three feature contests with wins posted by the teams of Bohm/Gladowski (#2); McDonald/McDonald (#50) and Wierzba/Wierzba (#44).

The 40 lap Super Late Model contest would go non-stop from green to checkered. Chris Weinkauf sat on the pole for the event with Stapleman to his outside. Sauter meanwhile started deep in the field.  At the drop of the green flag, Stapleman used the high line around the oval to edge ahead of Weinkauf.  On lap two Weinkauf drifted high allowing second year Super Late Model competitor Tim Hintz to scramble to second. Weinkauf would get back in the lower groove, but soon lost the third position to Brandon Selle who opted for the high line to make the pass.  Selle and Weinkauf would run wheel to wheel for several laps before Selle secured the spot on lap 12.

Stapleman meanwhile slowly pulled away from those giving chase and by the halfway point of the contest had built a straightaway lead. Sauter meanwhile had been quickly slicing through traffic reaching the fourth spot by lap 20.

Sauter continued his march forward working past Selle for third on lap 22.  Out front Stapleman had extended his lead to nearly a quarter-lap over Hintz who was turning in a very solid showing.  On lap 25 Sauter worked the high groove to surpass Hintz for second and the chase was on.

With each passing lap Sauter narrowed the gap Stapleman had built and by the time five laps remained in the contest it became apparent that a showdown over the final laps would take place.  With three laps to go Sauter has caught up to Stapleman's rear bumper, but Stapleman held on tenaciously to the lead.  On a couple occasions Sauter attempted to work the low line before changing strategies and maneuvering to the high side of the banked oval.  As the pair took the while flag Sauter drove in hard on the outside and nearly drew event with Stapleman down the backstretch.  Stapleman however remaining determined and never faltered reaching the stripe first by a nose to claim the victory.

Sauter would settle for second after an impressive passing display. Current point leader Kenny Richards also made a late race charge reaching third in the closing laps, but he was unable to close on the lead duo.  Defending track champion Mark Eswein finished fourth and Selle completed the top five finishers.

The Super Stock main event saw Mike Brooks pace every lap of the contest, but the victory was far from easy.  Brooks would get the jump on fellow front row started Galen Manternach, having the lead in hand before the completion of lap one.  Oleson meanwhile, stuck in the high groove quickly gave up several positions, including second to Dan Gilster, a formidable competitor from the LaCrosse Fairgrounds oval.  Though Gilster normally competes on a much larger raceway he quickly adapted to the Golden Sands high banked third mile oval.

Gilster would move into the second slot and begin to hound Brooks looking for a way to the lead.  Tim Hamel would follow in the third position during the early portions of the contest. The lead trio would race around the track nose to tail quickly turning in laps.  Further back fast qualifier Tim Plowman and current point leader Brian Back were putting on a passing display for the fans.  Plowman had just cracked the top five, when his car began to shower sparks as a tire began to go down. Plowman got the reprieve he needed to head to the pits when Brian Weinfurter expired a motor with six laps to go in the contest forcing a caution.

While Plowman retired to the pits for a quick tire change, the field bunched up behind Brooks.  When racing resumed Brooks was up to the challenge pulling away slightly from Gilster who had his hands full with Hamel as the battle for second spot heated up.

Over the final laps Brooks maintained a swift pace to earn the checkered.  Gilster would hand onto second finishing one car length behind the leader.  Hamel claimed third followed by Manternach and Wes Coon.

It would take Troy Engman the first five rounds to work through traffic and past early race leader Eric Kawlewski to take the top spot in the Pure Stock main event.  Engman would not have an easy trip to victory lane however, as visiting racer Mike Litchfield worked into the second spot before the halfway point of the contest.  Engman soon found himself challenged by the newcomer with Dean Aschbacher moving up to third making it a three way battle for the lead over the final five laps of the contest.

Litchfield looked to the low side on several occasions, but Engman remained flawless in his driver to the checkered.  As the checkered flag fell Engman was still out front with Litchfield, Aschbacher, fast qualifier Mike Gwidt and current division point lead Dean Zakrezwski following.

Due to the number of rainout this season, including last weekend's program, and additional Sunday afternoon race date had been added to the 2006 schedule.  On Sunday, July 30th, a weekly point program will take place as part of a double header weekend.  The Friday Night, July 28th, program that week will feature the stars of the Wisconsin Challenge Series, where many of the Midwest's Finest Super Late Model racers will challenge the local favorites on the high backed oval.

Next week racing action will feature the Mid-Season Championship Night of racing.  Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinders will all be in action during the program, with extended feature contests for each division.

Golden Sands Speedway  is located between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover, Wisconsin on Highway 54.  For additional information please call (715) 423-4660 or consult the track website at

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Super Late Models
40 Lap Feature:
1.) Todd Stapleman; 2.) Travis Sauter; 3.) Ken Richards; 4.) Mark Eswein; 5.) Brandon Selle; 6.) Blake Horstman; 7.) Allen Check; 8.) Chris Weinkauf; 9.) Jason Weinkauf; 10.) Tim Hintz
25 Lap Semi-Feature:  1.) Burton Brown; 2.) Gregg Ruffalo; 3.) Jim Duchow; 4.) Monte Gress; 5.) Derek Gress; 6.) Tom Litchfield
12 Lap Consolation:  1.) Rene Scheinoha; 2.) Litchfield; 3.) Eugene Gregorich Jr; 4.) Dick Coleman; 5.) Mike Merriam

First 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Coleman; 2.) Gregorich Jr.; 3.) Merriam
Second 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Steve Gress; 2.) Brown; 3.) Mark Van
Third 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Check; 2.) Jeff Weinfurter; 3.) Duchow
Fourth 12 Lap Heat: 1.) Horstman; 2.) Sauter; 3.) J. Weinkauf

Fast Qualifier: Kendall, 12.167 Seconds

Super Stocks
25 Lap Feature:
1.) Mike Brooks; 2.) Dan Gilster; 3.) Tim Hamel; 4.) Galen Manternach; 5.) Wes Coon; 6.) Dave Neitzke; 7.) Denny Crass; 8.) Brian Back; 9.) Tim Plowman; 10.) Randy Storlie
15 Lap Semi-Feature:
1.) David Pagels; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Bert Soyka; 4.) Josh Oelson; 5.) Ed Szlewgowski
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Bert Soyka; 2.) Szlewgowski; 3.) Pagels
Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Neitzke; 2.) Storlie; 3.) Gilster
Third 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Roger Stanczyk; 2.) Back; 3.) Hamel
Fast Qualifier: Plowman, 13.260 Seconds

Pure Stocks
15 Lap Feature:
1.) Troy Engman; 2.) Mike Litchfield; 3.) Dean Aschbacher; 4.) Mike Gwidt; 5.) Dean Zakrezwski; 6.) Andrew Hintz; 7.) Eric Kawlewski; 8.) Chuck Stebbins
10 Lap B-Feature: 1.) Mark Kaeliher; 2.) Troy Porter; 3.) John Evers; 4.) Joey Kuhn; 5.) Doug Wheelock
First 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Coletta Gomes; 2.) Porter; 3.) Robert Hinz

Second 10 Lap Heat: 1.) Todd Kuehl; 2.) Ron Grabarski; 3.) Matt Ciesielski
Third 10 Lap Heat:
1.) Aschbacher; 2.) Hintz; 3.) Gwidt

Fast Qualifier: Gwidt, 14.909 Seconds

2-Man Cruisers
First 10 Lap Feature:
1.) Bohm/Glodowski
Second 10 Lap Feature: 1.) McDonald/McDonald
Third 10 Lap Feature: 1.) Wierzba/Wierzba