Track Rules
Golden Sands Speedway was started by Sam Bartus in the year of 1967. It was the first high banked, bowl shaped track that enticed a young group of drivers to glide, spin, and fly around the fastest third mile in the mid-west. The design of Golden Sands Speedway was so unique at it virtually had no other competition
Super Late Models - 2015 Season Champion 33 Regan May


The Super Late Models are the fastest cars to take to the high-banked third mile paved oval here at Golden Sands Speedway.   The cars are built from the ground up as racing machines .  These cars are able to move around the track at speeds approaching 100 mph! 
Super Stocks - 2015 Season Champion 33 Wyatt Brooks


A more affordable alternative to the Late Models are the CWSSA Super Stocks.  These cars provide fans with plenty of side by side racing action.  These cars are cheaper to build than the Late Model class, but they're just as exciting!  These cars can go around the Golden Sands oval at speeds up to 85 MPH!


4-Cylinders Open - 2015 Season Champion 16 Adam Kryzkowski



The 4 Cylinders are an entry level division created to take advantage of the abundance of inexpensive four cylinder cars available from most local salvage years.  The 4 cylinders are a very inexpensive way to gain racing experience and develop the skills to move up to a faster class in the future.


Cruisers - 2015 Sesaon Champions 126 Walter Mancl & Joey Kuhn



An exciting, fun class that takes awesome ommunication between two friends.  This class features a driver, who has control of the driving wheel and brake, and a passenger (second driver) that has control of the gas pedal.  This creates tons of crowd pleasing excitement.


Pure Stocks - 2015 Season Champion 16k Karl Genett


As an entry level rear wheel drive class the emphasis is on affordability and racing fun, the Pure Stocks become and excellent way for new drivers to test the high-banked third mile paved oval.
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