RCO Computers Bingo
Grab a RCO Computer Bingo Card each race night at the Information Booth. (One card per person) Mark off each number the corresponds with a winning race car in every race!  For example if Car #45 wins a heat race - mark off #45 on your card!  If your card is a winner - put your name on the back and hand it back into the Information Booth.  All verified winners will be put into a drawing to be held on August 15th for an all-in-one-computer from RCO Computers!

Promotional Updates -



Element Mobile will be the Super Late Model Division Sponsor 2014!
Element Mobile and Golden Sands Speedway have partnered once again for the 2014 season!  EM will be the major sponsor of the Super Late Model Division.  Check out Element Mobile's Facebook page and become a member




Paul Gross Jewelers Powder Puff Challenge
Golden Sands has teamed up with Paul Gross Jewelers - Wisconsin Rapids for a Powder Puff Challenge!  We are taking the first 16 girls that sign up.  There will be four races held on May 16th, June 6th, June 27th, and July 25th, each winner from those four races will move on to our final race challenge on August 15th.

Qualifiers will win a beautiful engraved necklace from Paul Gross Jewelers, the champion of the challenge will receive an diamond oval necklace (girl's best friend - diamond studded oval track!)

(All racing spots have been filled)






Race Idol Contest

Starting at the season opener, May 9th, Golden Sands will give out a printed clue to our race fans that night. This clue will help you find the hidden Race Idol. We will post all clues the following Monday on FB - giving our loyal race fans that attended the race a head start. Race Idols could be hidden in Wisc. Rapids, Stevens Point, places of businesses, or certain landmarks. Whoever finds the Race Idol will need to bring it to the GSS office. The finder will receive (4) grandstand tickets and a spot in the Idol Finals. The Idol finals will be held on the season championship where each person who found and Race Idol will compete in 3 challenges. Overall winner will receive $500 cash and a All-In-One Computer courtesy of RCO Computers.
Make sure to attend the races on Friday nights to get your clue ahead of the rest!

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Our 2012 season schedule is out!  Check it out under the schedule tab on the left side of the screen.  We are going to an everyother week format this year.  Please keep checking back each week as we schedule all our promos and nightly specials.  Have a special/promo that you want to see at the track?  Go to our Facebook page and post it!  Make sure to join our Facebook page and Twitter account to stay up to date with all the latest schedule updates, news, and weather reports through out the year!


RCO Computers & Golden Sands Speedway Race Idol Clues

Clue #1 - Race cars are fast, crowds will be loud when you find this idol you will be proud.  The idol is placed in Wisconsin Rapids at a place where people say you sign your life away.  I don't agree I have lived longer than 30 years.  Talk to these nice people to get the idol at this place where they have what #16 produces in the company's name. - UPDATE 05/28/14 Race Idol has been found!  Congrats Jarrod Dolph - Answer was Paper City Savings!

Clue #2 - Watch out this one is close to you.  The Idol is placed in the Town of Plover where the caveman's weapon is the first word of this businesses' name and where you get the material to make his weapon is the second part of the name.  Go here and the idol is placed where many of men had fun. - UPDATE - Race Idol has been found!  Congrats Brandon Hermanson! - Answer was by the Packer House at Club Forest!
Clue #3 -
 This one is more difficult, so here are your clues:  chips, nickel, and a router could be types.  This one is famous.  This one is passive and does not fly.  Don't be slow moving! Hurry! Hurry!  Queen City. UPDATE - Race Idol has been found!  Congrats Amanda Young! - Answer was by the White Buffalo at GSS!
Clue #4 - Ok, Ok, so finding the first three idols, that was easy.  This one won't be, why?  Because the clue is in the clue and the only other info is that Kings play in this. - UPDATE - Race Idol has been found! Congrats Ashlee Bloyd! - Answer was by the Staples Building in Wisconsin Rapids!
Clue #5
- Get ready, set, spike!  This game is played in the earthen material.  Luckily for the players its not of this variety.  Which is the first name of this business.  The second part of the name is what Colorado is on all the time.  Go to this business on the side of town in Wisconsin Rapids where this was won. UPDATE! The Race Idol has been found!  Congratulations Jessy Doering! - Answer was on the grounds of the Kwik Trip Building on the West Side of Wisc. Rapids
Clue #6 - This business has the same first name as this famous band that was formed in 1967, if you change one letter. The band was quite popular in the 70's & 80's. So find the idol here and take it on the run to Golden Sands Speedway. The second name of the business is a device made famous in 1939.  UPDATE! The Race Idol has been found!  Congratulations to Jaylene Dolph - Answer was RCO Computers in Wisconsin Rapids!
Clue #7 - This one will be the one to get you.  This idol is hidden at a place where the first part of the name is where Morton is found.  The second part of the name is what cheerleaders need to form a stable pyramid.  And lastly the third name of this place is what is found in dugouts.  Good Luck!  UPDATE!  The Race Idol has been found!  Congratulations to Amanda Young! - Answer was Illinois Foundation Seed on Hwy 54 Between Rapids & Plover
Clue #8 - This is what you do with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  Preposition.  This is what the "Blue Devils" brothers yelled when all was going bad.  Good luck!  UPDATE! The Race Idol has been found! - Answer was Park & Sell Lot on Hwy 54!
Clue #9 (Final Clue)  -
One of the Bassuener Boys is now one of these.  Race Track.
Good Luck! UPDATE! The Race Idol has been found! - Answer was by the Bulldog hood ornament on the Mac truck at the racetrack!
Congratulations to the overall winner of the Idol Contest - Jaylene Dolph!



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