Richards Makes 6 Winners, Weinfurter Triples, and Ben Capek Arrives at Golden Sands

Richards Makes 6 Winners, Weinfurter Triples, and Ben Capek Arrives at Golden Sands
by Mike Barrett

Kenny Richards pulled into Golden Sands Speedway with 2 dozen other Late Models Friday night and showed that absence slowed him down not one bit. Tim Sauter lined up for the start next to Dave Neitzke and led quickly, leading the field around for the first 38 laps. Almost exactly halfway through the show Jeremy Lepak finished picking off car after car and strongly passed Sauter on the outside. A yellow flag on lap 42 caused by lapped traffic bumping Neil Knoblock off the track re-set the field, and Lepak's engine stumbled badly at the start. Sauter could not avoid the rear of Lepak's car, and turned the leader, resulting in a re-aligned start since no laps had been run from the restart. Lepak again pulled up lame and Sauter whistled by, looking like he may just collect his 1st win of the year at Plover. Kenny Richards had other ideas, and lined up behind Sauter the next few laps to assess the leader, moving past with 3 laps to go. Richards makes it 6 different winners this year in the Element Mobile Late Model series. Fast time for Lepak was his only consolation, ending in 16th place. Sauter has finished in the top three 5 out of 6 races, and is still looking for that win. Cardell Potter ran strong again in 3rd, and Brandon Selle and Colin Reffner both had solid nights to finish 4th and 5th. 
The Super Stocks had another great field, posting 17 cars for the start and the racing was close the whole 25 laps. Claire Decker lined up inside the #24 of Brian Weinfurter, who was looking to post his 3rd win on the year. Decker worked hard to stay next to Weinfurter, but could not gain any position, and followed Brian to his 3rd win. It looked like Team Decker was ganging up on the competition when Claire, Paige and Natalie Decker were all in the top 5. Unfortunately Natalie suffered from contact with lapped traffic and dropped from 4th to 14th on the final lap. Paige finished 6th, behind fast timer Ryan Hinner. 3rd place Matt Ciesielski is having a good year, and 4th runner Galen Manternach was fast all night.
Pure Stocks started 18 cars, Again with Cale Marzofka topping the field with a very fast time. Cale and Dean Ashbacker got tangled up halfway through because of lapped traffic, and Marzofka fought his way back to 7th by the end. Mark Kalata liked an early lead, but Ben and Jake Capek rolled up behind him and took the lead and 2nd place away in the final 5 laps. Kalata finished ahead of John Vanstedum, who edged Brent Weiland for 5th.
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