WreckFest 11

The weather didn’t cooperate as well as everyone would have liked forecast all week did not call for any rain!  But that didn’t stop our loyal WreckFest fans and participants!  Like I said before you guys rock!


The Cruiser Championship started out with timing on a little bit of a slick field made the guys actually use their racing skills to figure out the track.  Cruiser new comer #60 took the fast time, with #73 Wheelock & Kalata in second, and #4 Helbach & Weasner in third.  The entire field started the feature and put on a really great race!  #21 Ciesielski and Rodriguez started out taking the lead with #60 & #01 Kampert & Kampert behind them.  With five laps to go things started to really heat up as #21 Cieseilski’s started to lose positions giving #01 Kampert’s the lead.  By the final lap #01 Kampert’s took the win with #80 Michaels & Sparks in second, #4 Helbach & Weasner in third, and #21  Cielsieski’s in fourth.


Budweiser Bracket Finals First race was between Mike Wegner and Josh Lockhart with Lockhart taking the win.  The second race had Pat Barrett and Brian Wulf.  Barrett finished first.  The championship then had Josh Lockhart and Pat Barrett going head to head for $500!  Josh Lockhart barreled ahead and won the first ever Budweiser Racing Bracket!  Congratulations Josh!


Spectator Races Winner Ernie Anderson, 2nd Brad Dupree, 3rd Cruiser Car #21 Ciesielski & Rodriguez


Forwards/Backwards Race Heats - 2 laps backwards 1 lap forward - Great action!  Had three heats and a final Winner was Ed Dupree.


Robinson Chain Race - Two cars chained front bumper to front bumper with 6’ of chain provided by drivers.  Must complete two laps.  One lap forward and one backward.  If you break your chain you are DQ’d.  Frank and Ernie Anderson beat out all the other cars!  Great driving skills!


Bus Races Local guys came to race their buses along with some really “hopped” up racing buses from Appleton!  Those buses were fast!  This was definitely an actual bus race!  No roll-overs for the Appleton guys as their buses are actual race buses!  Our own Chris Nelson took the win!  Thanks to all the guys that drove over from the Appleton area those are some pretty cool racing buses!


Jump for Distance -Longest jump wins.  Jake Brazinksi jumped the longest.  There were a lot of cars that made it pretty far!  Very impressive.  The jump has got to be one of the all time favorite events next to the roll over contest.


Jump for Accuracy (New for 2011) Participants had to aim (and land) on the cone!  Winner Keith in the #8 truck.


Roll-Over Contest -  Most rolls wins.  One point per side of car that hits, full roll 4 points.  Had some “almost” roll-overs but no one took the cake this time.  To bad Joey Kuhn wasn’t able to make this years event I have a feeling he would have rolled his vehicle a bunch of times!  Team Orange missed you this year Joey!


Trailer Races Best theme went to “Tow Mater” from the movie “Cars”.  I said the jump and the roll-over were the all time favorite WreckFest events, but I forgot about the Trailer Races!!!  Now that is some action so much is going on all at once you don’t even know on what part of the track to stay focused on!!  Three cars actually got stuck on each other’s trailers with Cruiser Car #26 being the front car they actually were able to pull the other two cars and trailers for a bit!  Congratulations to the #26 Cruiser Car of Josh Weber and Walter Mancil winners of the trailer race.


Thanks again to everyone braving the weather Golden Sands is proud to have such loyal and faithful fans and participants!  See you all in 2012!
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