Update on Rules for 2012


Super Lates:   There will be no rules meeting.  GSS will follow the ASA Midwest Tour rules for 2012.  As of now the 2011 rules along with some bulletins are posted on their site.  We are working with State Park and Marshfield to have one rule book for the Super Lates for all three tracks.  The tire this year will be the Hoosier 25-48 as long as it works well pending testing in Florida the next couple of weeks.  Any questions please call Craig at the office (715) 423-4660.


Super Stocks: We will publish the rules set forth by your club when available.  Any car should be able to participate whether they are a club car or not.


Pure Stocks:   There will be no rules meeting.  All rule changes have been posted and marked in red.  Changes primarily are tires, rear window, and increase weight for being over 1.94 on the intake valve diameter.


4Cylinder Stock & Mods:  There will be a rules meeting at the Ridges Golf Course on Thursday March 1st, 2012 at 7:00 pm.  If you cannot attend please call the office after the date or check online to see the revised 4Cylinder info.
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