Golden Sands Speedway

2012 Tire Rules


In order to keep the cost of racing and tire expense down, GSS has adopted the following tire rule for 2012.


Each driver may purchase 4 new tires on the first night of racing.  From the first night a total of 14 new tires (may be purchased) from GSS.  Of those 14 tires, GSS will give each driver 1 tire per night as part of their pay (10 tires). 


No more than 2 tires may be purchased in one night.  A running inventory will be in the tire building.  Any tires sold between drivers will be considered the purchasers new tire and must have a minimum of one race night on the tire and that tire will be deducted from your inventory of 14. 


If a driver skips or misses a race night 1 tire will be deducted from their inventory for that week.


Tires used on the Memorial Day Special may be put into driver’s inventory after the race.  We would like to do the exchange program on Memorial Day again.  A one night old left for a new left, to create a used tire inventory for racers who only come for one night or for any races after Memorial Day.


With this program drivers will purchase a total of 8 of the 18 tires for the season.


No consecutive 2 tire shows.
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