Whitten Wins, Capek 2.0, and Rozek, Davis Start Strong

Whitten Wins, Capek 2.0, and Rozek, Davis Start Strong by Mike Barrett

Tanner Whitten of Conserville, IL started on the front row of the Late Model Feature at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover, WI Friday May 18th and allowed no one a chance at a win tonight. A couple of restarts slowed the field but Whitten's Kreyer-prepared Toyota was "the best car I have ever driven" according to the young racer. Whitten applied the speed he needed to stave off challenges from Jim Sauter Jr. Mark Eswein, and Jeremy Lepak. Frank Nitzke was the hardest-working driver most of the night, his fifth place run contested by many, but finally notched by the Berlin veteran driver. Brandon Selle returned and promptly scored fast time, finishing 7th. Ryan Hinner's 2nd place in qualifying was notable, and electrical woes sidelined the car while running in the top 10.
Super Stocks are already a decent field, led in time again by Dean Zakrzewski. Traffic kept him at bay while Kyle Davis drove off from the field in a solid win. Roger Peterson posted runner-up, Brian Weinfurter willed his car to 3rd in the midst of a very active mid-pack bunch of racing. Natalie Decker survived the near-melee to finish 4th and Marv Flick picked up 5th.
Pure Stock Champ Jake Capek returned and led the field to his first win, making it a Ben Capek/Jake Capek start to the year. He said the Late Model effort he is starting has had some problems, so they pulled this Pure Stocker out of the pole shed and manged to win one.
Mark Kalata chased him around to 2nd, and Ben Capek had to settle for 3rd. Brent Weiland posted 4th while Caleb Marzofka improved the year's average, finishing 5th after posting the fastest qualifying lap.
The 4 Cylinder drivers wasted no time in thrilling the crowd, blasting out to a 4 wide fracas that lasted almost the whole race. Steven Rozek came from the middle of the pack to the front while fast timer Scott Ciesielski nearly caught him. The last lap was a defensive block that Rozek put on Ciesielski to narrowly pull off a win. Kelly Sankey still has speed finishing 3rd, and Davey Pennel and Kevin Burris rounded out the top 5.
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