Potter Wins a Big One at Golden Sands

by Mike Barrett

Cardell Potter opened up his career at another short track, but now adds Golden Sands as one of his favorites after winning the Memorial 100 today. A truly appreciative crowd gave Cardell a nice cheer after he led almost all 100 laps of the warm summer's day event. Cloudy skies drizzled a couple of times, but the sun prevailed and 25 Late Model cars took the green behind Jeff Weinfurter and Kyle Genett and slowed only twice for cautionary laps. Potter's restarts were clean and fast, and he came across the winner a full car length ahead of second place Mark Eswein. Eswein had his hands full early, with a feisty Corey Jankowski trying to force his way past. Jankowski settled for 3rd as Tanner Whitten defended his recent feature win by finishing 4th. Travis Sauter drove a good race to the 5th position, making his way from 13th at the start. Brandon Selle posted his second fast time at Plover, and finished 10th, 4 places ahead of his starting spot. Mark Mackesy was also notable, going from 17th to 8th in the 100 lap race.

The Mid American Racing Series visited, and James Swan made quick work of the field, watching the action in his mirror as he drove off. The 50 lap event also saw JeremySpoonmore in second, Lyle Nowak and Bill Prietzl deftly managing traffic to post 3rd and 4th as rookie Ryan Ferrell made the top 5.

Some Vintage racers took the fans back a few years as the likes of Charlie Schwock, Darrell Paasch, Jim Heiland and Darrel Basseuner too to the track in various dated and great looking cars. Jeff "Lightning" Fritz returned as well as Scott "Moldy" Moldenhauer. When all was done, Darrell Paasch found the checkered flag first.

Another visiting class, the American Super Cup Series came a dozen strong, and Ken Jones posted a 25 lap feature win.

Cruiser racers kept their event all green, and Wheelock and Kalata again picked up the win.

Lepinski and Bowen 2nd and Kampert and Kampert third was their finish.
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