Jankowski Pounces, Zakrzewski Waltzes, Volm Streaks and Burris Darts to Wins

Wins by Mike Barrett

Corey Jankowski punctuated the night of racing at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover Friday night by rolling around the third mile backwards in a "polish victory lap" a la Alan Kulwicki, then donning a cape he had stashed in the car after winning a frantic fifty lap Late Model feature. Two early cautions in the first ten laps packed up an anxious field behind early front-runners Kirby Kurth, Jeff Weinfurter and Ted Reichenberger. Jankowski took a little time, but blasted by the top three one by one until he had a nice lead. It took Jim Sauter Jr. a little longer, but he was racing in the top 3 when lapped cars got he and Mark Eswein tangled up and they went to the back, Sauter making it back to eighth by race's end.  The restarts may have been a bit rough, but the field went back to it and by the time the checkered flag dropped Jankowski had a solid lead, Kyle Genett had passed eleven cars to post second, and Frank Nitzke piloted a purple #18 to third, hanging in that spot virtually the whole race. Ryan Hinner took his fast-time car from 12th to fourth, ahead of Colin Reffner, who battled with one driver after another to make it into the top five.

Super Stocks put on a show with Dean Zakrzewski and Natalie Decker on the front row, and while Zakrzewski checked out Decker was under attack from the likes of Duwayne Davis, Scott Hamel, Phil Malouf and Jeff Nowak. Decker managed to hang onto second, far behind Zakrzewski but ahead of Scott Hamel, who nearly drifted out of the top 10 before battling back to 3rd. Jeff Nowak's 4th place finish was hard-fought as well,  and Claire Decker made it two top 5 finishes for her and Natalie. Phil Malouf started out on a high note with fast time, but suffered a flat tire in the feature after passing his way up to 2nd.

Pure Stocker Cale Marzofka posted another fast time and turned a 12th place start into 5th. Travis Volm wrestled his way to the lead and took the win, giving props in victory lane to all the good racers in the field. Jake Capek took the outside lane all the way to second, and Jeff McIntee held onto third. Mark Kalata made it to fourth.

4 Cylinder cars were well in attendance, needing a B main to run winners Isaiah Rowe and Alex Volm into the Feature. Up front four wide was the rule, and when the rubber stopped squealing Kevin Burris and Dale Robinson were 1-2. Kelley Sankey and Scott Ciesielski ran 3-4 and Lucas Betro showed this reporter lots of moves to make it to 5th. Kevin Burris again posted fast time.

Cruisers roared into action, and after a crash-filled start the Kampert men finished first ahead of Wheelock and Kalata with Lepinski and Bowen third.

"Faster Pastor" and "Swifter Sister" were the themes of the night, and starting the action Kevin Bushman from Grace Lutheran led the field to the win, followed by Jeff O'Connor from CLF, Paul Tonn of St. Lukes and Susan Wells representing St. Lawrence. Shotgun on the group was the game Father Jim Altman of SS Peter and Paul.
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