2012 WreckFest Events


(Formally Known as the Eve of Devastation)

September 7, 2012


Cruiser Time Trials  6:30 pm


Opening Ceremonies  6:55 pm


Cruiser Championship (20 laps)


Spin To Win

Must spin out car that you will be passing.  Can not pass without spinning out a car.  Last car not to spin out is the winner.  This race is NOT about speed.


Auto Bowling

Knock down as many pins as you can


5th Turn Race Times Two

      Three heats of 10 top three advance


Burn Out Contest


Forwards/Backwards Race Heats

2 laps backwards 1 lap forward  - 3 Heats of 10 cars (Top 3 in each race advance to final)Large & Small Cars           




Monster Trucks


Forward/Backward Championships


Jumps for Distance or Accuracy

      15 cars max.


Roll-Over Contest

      10 Cars max Most rolls wins.  One point per side of car that hits, full roll 4 points.


Trailer Races

1-2 heats depending  on number of entries.  Trailers must be more that just a two wheel frame and must have a theme.  $100 for the best theme.  If your trailer is not decorated there will be a penalty that you won’t like.  *NOTE*   Trailer must be on a ball type hitch with 2 safety chains.  Any vehicle that has a trailer attached and needs assistance out of the sand will not be able to continue.  You must hit a trailer in front of you in order to pass.
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