Features on Final Night go to Jankowski, Weinfurter, Weiland and Ciesielski

by Mike Barrett
 Closing the racing at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover Wisconsin Friday night were four regular classes all racing hard regardless of points positions going into the event. Fast qualifiers Scott Ciesielski, Caleb Marzofka, Matt Raykowski and Ryan Hinner all showed good form through the races, but early wins went to others, like Cheri and Kirby Kurth whose double heat wins in their respective classes may have been a first for a husband and wife racing team. Feature racing began with the Super Stock class spinning on lap 1, then recovering and racing away for their finale. After the initial dust-up Brian Weinfurter darted away from the pack and never let anyone close. Matt Raykowski came through the traffic well, posting 3rd, behind Scott Hamel hanging onto 2nd with a firm grip. Wayne Mackesy made a rare appearance this year, racing his way into 4th, Natalie Decker continued to impress, staving off others for 5th. Dean Zakrzewski's 16 point championship finish was by no means easy, Phil Malouf and Decker kept racing their way into contention.
Corey Jankowski was super-fast, got an early break or two, and soon found his way to points leader Frank Nitzke at the front. Nitzke navigated his way to the lead past the seven cars starting in front of him, and looked like he would be capping a championship with a feature win. Jankowski was fast enough to catch, then ease past Nitzke in the waning laps of a "blue moon" night of racing. Ryan Hinner picking up 10 spots to finish 3rd was only eclipsed by Jankowski's surpassing of 11 other racers. Hinner was dogged in the final laps by Mark Eswein, who brought what looked like a back-up familiar #71 to 4th. 5th place for Jeremy Schulz was another decent run, considering all the passing done by others.
The Pure Stocks stayed in their usual tight pack, almost 4 wide several times, and four champion contenders were hopeful, and ready to race. Ben Capek got the early traffic break, and finishing ahead of Marzofka insured his place atop the season's points. Brent Weiland drove away from the front, Capek and Marzofka raced their ways to 2nd and 3rd, each passing 7 others. Dean Ashbacher grabbed 4th and held on, Mark Kalata picked up 5th.
4 Cylinder racers had 4-wide racing from time to time and furious charges from the back from Scott Ciesielski and Kevin Burris. Isaiah Rowe started on point, easily out-racing Dustie Robinson in the first few laps as Eric Robinson gained ground ahead of the passing spree of Ciesielski and Burris. Robinson bumped past Rowe in the second half of the show, and by the final couple of laps it was Ciesielski and Burris speeding by to the top spots. Eric Robinson held onto 3rd, Rowe 4th and Nikki Coulthurst raced her way to 5th. Track champion Burris did it with solid top 3 finishes all year, posting more wins than anyone.
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