A great show for the end of the 2012 season!


Cruisers put on a great show as always.  73 Wheelock and Kalata took first in the feature with 01 Kampert & Kampert in second.  32 Lepinski & Bowen finished third.


For the Cruiser Championship 73 Wheelock & Kalata took the championship with 32 Lepinski & Bowen in second, and 01 Kampert & Kampert in third.  For a complete points standing please go to


Spin To Win Winner Peter Sommers!!!

Must spin out car that you will be passing.  Can not pass without spinning out a car.  Last car not to spin out is the winner. 


Auto Bowling Winner Brad Dupee!!!

Knock down as many pins as you can


5th Turn Race Times Two- Winner Alex Klick!!!

      Heats of 10 top three advance


Burn Out Contest Winner Name? Driver of the Dune Buggy


Forwards/Backwards Race Heats Winner Kris Schweers!!!

2 laps backwards 1 lap forward  - 3 Heats of 10 cars (Top 3 in each race advance to final)Large & Small Cars           


Jumps for Distance or Accuracy- Winner Andrew Anderson!!!

      15 cars max.


Roll-Over Contest No Winner but some valiant tries!!!

      10 Cars max Most rolls wins.  One point per side of car that hits, full roll 4 points.


Trailer Races Winner Corey Methfessel!!! Best Theme Winner Andrew Lamb!!!


Bus Race Winner Chris Nelson!!!
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