Cranberry Blossom Cup Kicks off Cranberry Blossom Festival

This week at the race track it was Cranberry Blossom Cup Night and the fans blossomed into the stands for another great night of racing.

Starting off the night was the Super Stock division where Jeff Nowak in the 79 took fast time in qualifying.  Phil Malouf (32) and Brian Back (36) both picked up wins in their respective heats. It was a good night for Back as he also picked up a win in the feature, his first since 2010. Nowak finished second, Malouf took third, Dean Zakrzewski (19) fourth and John Zuch (8) rounded out the top five.

Next on the track was the Late Model division with Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) taking fast time in qualifying. After three heat races Jake Capek (81), Steve Lichtfeld (32) and M.G. Gajewski (7-11) all took first in their respective heats. A  Semi - Feature was also run with Matt Pyburn (71) taking first and Chad Devine (54) finishing second. In the Feature, it proved to be a great night for Gregorich Jr. as he finished first, Tim Hintz (1) second, Gajewski placed third, Frank Nitzke (18) fourth and Jim Sauter Jr. (51) completed the top five.

In the Pure Stocks Mark Kalata (75x) set fast time in qualifying.  Dean Ashbacher (38), Jeff Gruber (26x) and Brent Weiland (29) all placed first in their respective heats. At the end of the feature, Karl Genett (16K) took home the second win of his career, Travis Volm (76) second, Kalata finishes third, Chad Weis (0) fourth and Jeff Mcintee (15) ended up fifth.

The Four Cylinders Stocks started off with Kelly Sankey (88) once again setting fast time. Dave Harvath (7) and Jeremy Kemnetz (5) both won in their respective heats. In the feature, Sankey finished first, Lucas Betro (1) second, Cheri Kurth (7) third, Kemnetz in fourth and Nikki Coulthurst (17) also ended in the top five.

To end the night, the Cruisers took to the track with Wheelock and Kalata (73) finishing first, Garlow and Lockhart second and Lipinski and Bowen settled into the top three.
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