Fan Appreciation Night 8/16/13

By:  Jordan Clark

Starting off with the Super Stocks it was Jeff Nowak (79) taking fast time which put him in the points lead. After two heat races Matt Komatz (33) and Phil Malouf (32) both take wins in their respective heats.  In the feature it was hard racing throughout the field with a big move by Brian Weinfurter (24) starting 11th taking the win.  Nowak who started 10th also made a big move finishing 2nd with John Zuch (8), Matt Raykowski (6), and Phil Malouf (32) all finishing in the top five respectively.  Currently the top five in points are Nowak 452, Brian Back 436, Weinfurter 432, Malouf 424 and Raykowski 378.

In the Late Models after 33 hard years of racing Mike Egan (44) set fast time for the first time.  Jake Capek (81), Tim Hintz (1) and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) took wins in their respective heats. In the Semi Feature it was a strong battle between Kirby Kurth (85) and Ted Reichenberger (20) for the lead but coming up from the 6th position was Hintz who would take the win over Kurth which advanced both drivers into the feature. During the feature Paige Decker (03) was racing hard to fight off Monte Gress (80) but coming up fast was Matt Pyburn (71) and after Pyburn completed both passes for the lead he ran away with his first win. Finishing in the top five were Mark Eswein (71), Decker, Gress and Gregorich Jr. Currently the top five in points are Jim Sauter Jr. (51) 371, Gregorich Jr. 356, Frank Nitzke (18) 334, Egan 331 and Pyburn 257.

Pure Stocks started with Dan Weinfurter (4) taking fast time for the first time. Kyle Genett (16x), Mark Hohl (22) and Carter Kauth (97) took wins in their respective heats. We saw bunched up racing in the feature with Karl Genett (16k) leading but in comes Travis Volm (76) side by side racing for the lead but Genett out lasts the battle and took the win. Finishing in the top five was Brent Weiland (29), Weinfurter, Carter Kauth (97) and Kevin Berg (17).

4 Cylinder Stock driver Kelly Sankey (88) continues to show speed by taking fast time. Dillon Mackesy (93) and Jeremy Kemnetz (5) take wins in their respective heats. In the feature Sankey once again showed speed as he takes the lead and holds it taking the win. Top five finishers were Lucas Betro (1), George Seliger (06), Mariah Gajewski (16G) and Kirby Kurth (99). Currently Sankey leads in points with 597 followed by Kemnetz 507, Lucas Betro (1) 446, Nikki Coulthurst (17) 419 and George Seliger (06) 417 all in the top five.

For the Cruisers it was Wheelock and Kalata (73) taking the win over Kealiher and Kealiher (49) and Helbach and Helbach (27) in the top three.  Currently Wheelock/Kalata hold the points lead with 147, Helbach/Helbach 128 and Garlow/Lockhart 122 in the top three.
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