Participants – Sign up for the Eve!

Participants – Sign up for the Eve!


Saturday August 27, 2016

 6:30pm – 7:00pm Drivers Meeting

 Opening Ceremonies  7:00 pm

Cruiser Shoot-Out

      Laps based upon amount of cars

Spectator Racing

      One on one racing.  If you win you go on to the next round.

Division #1 4Cylinder Cars (8-12 cars)

Division #2 6 or 8Cylinder Cars (8-12 cars)

Burn Out Contest

Forward/Backward Heats & Finals

2 laps backwards – 1 lap forward  – 4 Heats of 10 cars (Top 2 in each race advance to final)Large & Small Cars (please specify car size when signing up)

 6th Turn Race Times Two

      3 heats of 8 – top 2 advance


 Drag Race

 Second Over the Line

      Second over the line wins – 4 laps heats  of 10 cars

 Tag Team Event

Partner event – one car will push their partner (back bumper to back bumper) once around the track, once you cross the start/finish line you will go around the opposite way with your partner pushing you. (heats of 5 cars)

 Trailer Races

Trailers must be more than just a two wheel frame and must have a theme.  $100 for the best theme.  If your trailer is not decorated there will be a penalty that you won’t like.  *NOTE*   Trailer must be on a ball type hitch with 2 safety chains.  Any vehicle that has a trailer attached and needs assistance out of the sand will not be able to continue.  You must hit a trailer in front of you in order to pass.

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