Sauter Stokes The Fire, Thaws Golden Sands

Sauter Stokes The Fire, Thaws Golden Sands By: Eamon Bauman     On a chilly night at Central Wisconsin’s Power Playground, the racing action was anything but cold. A Super Late Model race dominated by veteran Travis Sauter crowned the action of the night in the 101-lap “Thaw” race, whose green flag was presented by the official mascot of the evening, the Golden Sands Speedway Yeti. With $3,000 on the line, racing in the premier division at the Central Wisconsin race track was [...]

2018 Dick Trickle Memorial Race

Drivers! In Honor Of the legend Dick Trickle, Golden Sands Speedway will once again hold a memorial to the Legend! Registration is open to the first 25 Super Late Model Drivers! Qualifying will be in reverse order, meaning first to register will be last to qualify! Registration will go live April 21st, 2018! Registration will be open until 25 Super Late Models have registered or until May 5th*, 2018. Format will be the same as previous years. Drivers will be [...]